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Attend the Summit

"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn't mean you can, should or have to do it alone."
Lisa Olivera


March 1, 2024


March 3, 2024


Newport News Marriott

at City Center

740 Town Center Dr.

Newport News, VA 23606


Because it's time to 

Replenish You.

Join +200 women in a journey to expand the way you prioritize YOU.


Early Bird $125

Pricing valid through 9/18

General Admission $145

On sale 9/19

(does not include hotel)

Powerful speakers offering mental health & wellness wisdom and long-lasting strategies.

Participants will enjoy a robust and dynamic schedule of speakers, sessions and events. All activities have been strategically curated to align with

five programmatic focus areas.

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Mental & Emotional Wellness

Nationally and Locally acclaimed Experts & Speakers

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exhale icons-physical health.png

Physical Health & Nutrition

Physical fitness activities and

discussions around Nutrition

exhale icons_emotional.png

Emotional Vulnerability

Experiential Journaling

Sister Sharing Circles

exhale icons_inter_intrapersonal.png

Sustainable Self-Care

Topical discussions to meet you

wherever you are in your life

Inter/Intrapersonal Relationships

Discussions around intimacy and generational obstacles

An powerful itinerary is in development.

Stay tuned and get excited.

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