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Exhale Summit

An experiential learning event where women come together to unplug from daily responsibilities, and focus on strategies to prevent burnout, engage in practical mental wellness and restructure their days so that they can truly live the life they deserve.

The Exhale Summit consists of three key components.


In-person Summit

1.5 days of focused programming and wellness vendors and community partners to provide conversation and literature about available resources.


Sister Sharing Networks

Groups will be formed during the Summit and will connect (virtually) on a quarterly basis to receive continuous support on the wellness journey.


Wellness Guide

Access to businesses that provide wellness services underneath one of the eight domains of wellness (physical, social, environmental, mental, spiritual, financial, intellectual and occupational).

Summit Objectives

"I want a space where BIPOC women in particular can feel cared for and honored for their unique experiences." 

Dr. Kristie Norwood
Founder of ReMind-U and Remind-U Outreach and Wellness, Exhale Summit Director

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Dr. Kristie Norwood is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, college professor and the Director of Student Counseling at a University. She has used her 15 years of experience in the mental health field to empower and educate communities by providing intervention services that decrease the overall stigma of mental health, eradicate health disparities and improve mental and physical well-being. Dr. Norwood created ReMIND-U in 2020 to specifically target barriers to mental health in BIPOC communities.

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Why We Do this 


BIPOC Women are the head of household in roughly thirty percent of homes, compared to nine percent of Caucasian homes.


Approximately twenty-five percent of African-Americans seek mental health therapy compared to forty percent of Caucasians.


Less than three percent of mental health care practitioners are African-American, so many worry that available resources are not culturally competent to treat their specific issues.


Forty percent of Latinos and thirty-nine percent of African-Americans report having stress, anxiety, or sadness due to the pandemic and at higher rates compared to twenty-nine percent of Caucasians.


Join us March 2024 for a life-changing experience.


Support the BIPOC community with time or resources.


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Grow your business! Become a vendor at the 2024 Summit.

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The Village

We are daughters, mothers and sisters with a passion for empowering, uplifting and inspiring our communities.

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